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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mephistopheles (Aus) - Ascension Aborted (2006)

1. Written In Scriptures 04:47
2. Deathbed 03:17
3. Temples of Devourment 02:43
4. Deceased 04:02
5. Contemplations 03:07
6. Armies of Evisceration 03:56
7. The Grail 05:10
8. Of Frailty or Fate 04:58
Total playing time 32:04

Current line-up:
Matthew "Chalky" Chalk - Vocals (Goreverk, Ice Eater, ex-Psycroptic, Space Raven, Born Headless, M.S.I.)
Ben Lawless - Guitars/Vocals
Julz Dowson - Bass/Vocals
Sam Dowson - Drums

Awesome technical death metal! Certainly you will be glad of listening to this stuff...

pass: drizzt