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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Incestuous - Brass Knuckle Abortion (EP 2000)

1. In Blasphemous Tongue 02:36
2. Flesh Enslaved 02:21
3. Ethnic Cleansing 02:15
4. Desolation 01:58
5. Infanticide 01:31
6. Brass Knuckle Abortion 02:03
7. Nailed Unmercifully 09:10
Total playing time 21:57

Last known line-up
Mike - Bass
Nick - Vocals
Derek Hoffman - Drums (Fleshgrind, Putrid Pile, ex-Gorgasm (US))
Wrench - Guitar, Bass (ex-Cinerary)

"They eventually developed into the Brutal Death Metal band Cinerary."
Brutal Death Metal from Chicago, US.. One of my favorite brutal death metal stuffs.. Really excellent EP. The short horror intros in the beginning of the tracks are extremely creepy...

Download this highly recommended EP now! Or wait to rot!
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