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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Liturgy - Dawn of Ash (2004)

1. Shrine of Moria 03:19
2. Shrouded in Suffering 02:55
3. Scars of the Saints 02:48
4. Dawn of Ash 02:29
5. Worship Incise 02:45
6. The Bishop's Gathering 02:29
7. Wounds of Christ 02:45
8. Solemn 03:03
9. The Acolyte's Exoneration 03:10
10. Cognitive Lust of Mutilation (Disgorge Cover) 02:27
11. Infested With Worms (Brodequin Cover) 02:17
Total playing time 30:33

Artwork and layout by Jamie Bailey himself. (Mike Bailey owns and runs the Unmatched Brutality label, which has bands like Inveracity, Insidious Decrepancy and Brodequin amongst a number of others.)

Jamie Bailey - Bass (Brodequin, Cinerary)
Mike Bailey - Guitar (Brodequin)
Jon Engman - Drums (ex-Brodequin, Foetopsy)
Matti Way - Vocals (ex-Disgorge (US), Cinerary)

Only checking the line-up is enough for listening this album. Dawn of Ash is one of the most brutal album, I've ever heard. This album is also as more underground as its brutality. Awesome brutal and fucking guttural slamming death metal! Recommended for the fans of Brodequin, Devourment, Disgorge (US), Guttural Secrete...

pass: drizzt