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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tragedy - Vengeance (2002)

1. Conflicting Ideas 4:35
2. Call to Arms 2:48
3. Vengeance 3:34
4. Recurring Nightmare 1:33
5. Beginning of the End 3:20
6. The Lure 3:15
7. Night Falls 3:20
8. The Day After 3:31
9. War Within Us 2:36
10. Revengeance 2:10
11. To the Dogs 3:52
12. No Words 4:12

"Tragedy is a modern hardcore punk band, originally from Memphis, Tennessee, but currently residing in Portland, Oregon. The band formed in 2000 and was born from the ashes of influential modern hardcore bands His Hero Is Gone and Deathreat."

Really fucking awesome band and album! Highly recommended!!!

Genre: Crust/Punk, Hardcore

pass: drizzt