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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lugubrious - In Nomine Domini Nostri, Jesus Christi (Demo 1993)

1. Lugubrious (Intro) 02:19
2. Reddening The Twilight 06:10
3. Catalepsy 04:00
4. Yersinia Pestis 03:22
5. Trees Of Cemetery 04:40
Total playing time 20:31

Fernando Errazquin "Lugubrious" - Vocals (Haemorrhage (Esp), Heavenshore)
Peke - Guitars
Antonio - Bass
Dani - Drums

Cover taken from LA MANO DE MUNECA by Eduardu Xaranjo (1971)
"This demo is dedicated to Tomasa Rojo forever in Fernando's heart"

Genre: Death Metal/Goregrind, from Spain
Highly Recommended.. Very old school stuff by young goregrindmaster 'Lugubrious'

pass: drizzt