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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Phobia (US) - Return To Desolation (EP 1994)

1. Degrading Humanity 04:26
2. Sickening Discretion 02:50
3. Depraved 03:25
4. Hitler Killa! 00:54
5. Emptiness 00:41
6. All That Remains 02:49
7. Chemical Fear 04:03
8. Internal Rot 02:20
Total playing time 21:28

Genre: Grindcore, Hardcore/Crust
from Orange County, California, US

Steve Burda - Guitar
Shane Mclachlan - Vocals
Leon del Muerte: Bass
Danny Walker: Drums (ex-Exhumed (US), Uphill Battle, Intronaut, Thornlord, Jesu live session)
Raymond Herrera: (only in this EP) Drums (Fear Factory)

Formed in Orange County California in 1990, Phobia plays murderous sociopolitical grinding noise. They mix hardcore punk with an early grind sound.

pass: drizzt