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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sleep Terror - Probing Tranquility (2006)

1. Overture 01:15
2. Vague Sentiments Unveil 01:59
3. Amaxophobia 01:33
4. Somnambulist Pedophile 02:43
5. Probing Tranquility 02:35
6. Diurnal Enuresis 01:31
7. Ginsu Frenzy 01:43
8. Hypersomnia Rationale 02:21
9. Autoerotic Spy 01:27
10. Primordial Void 02:15
11. Androgynous Charade 02:22
12. Dysrhythmic Vexation 02:31
13. Tables Turned Crimson 02:41
14. Hypnogogic Qualm 01:23
15. Ascetic Meditation 02:10
Total playing time 30:29

"Sleep Terror is a technical death metal band from Seattle, Washington, USA. They fuse the heaviest elements of technical and brutal death metal with the lightest streams of jazz, funk, trance, hardcore, progressive and everything in between. Sleep Terror is Necrophagist's technical brutality mixed with Coprofago's jazzy interludes. The band also added vocalist Tim Richardson to it's line-up, but shortly afterward decided to be a two-piece instrumental band again."

Luke- Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Dave- Drums

pass: drizzt