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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dropdead - Dropdead (1994)

1. Superior 1:08
2. Bitter Fruit (The Seed) 0:59
3. Those Who We Deny 0:43
4. Tied Down for Survival 0:42
5. Clay 0:59
6. Idiot Icon 1:00
7. Part Two (The Enemy Within) 0:41
8. Witch Hunt 0:42
9. Nothing Less Than Lost 0:46
10. Stone 1:27
11. Us and Them 1:02
12. One Inside One Hundred 0:48
13. Justify Your Violence 0:59
14. Spirit Lies Broken 0:49
15. Dead Inside 0:35
16. Life Disease 0:24
17. I Will Stand 1:13
18. What Once Was Life 2:26

"Dropdead is a Providence, Rhode Island-based vegan hardcore punk band whose sound can be characterized as a mix of crust punk, d-beat, power violence, and thrashcore. The band has been active in the hardcore punk scene since the early nineties. The members of the band run Armageddon Shop, a Providence record store, along with its record label Armageddon Label. Dropdead has proved to be highly influential to modern strains of hardcore and crust, having brought a level of brutality previously unknown in traditional hardcore and staying true to the DIY ethic throughout their extended career. The band's songs are generally short and extremely fast-paced, with few of their songs lasting longer than one minute."

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